• Psychometry

    We offer personality and skill based tests to ensure the accuracy of candidate evaluation.

    If you want to learn more about yourself and see what information employers will look at then we can run these assessments on you and work through the resulting reports to aid future career decisions.

  • Advice

    Feel free to call us for a confidential discussion on any career related matter

    Hopefully with nearly fifty years combined recruitment experience we will be able to give you a considered opinion.

  • Registration

    Not all vacancies are advertised, if you register with us then we know where to find you when the appropriate opportunity arises.

    Please use our registration process to register with us today and submit your CV. Your confidentiality is critical to us.

  • Recruitment

    Our core focus and revenue generation comes from the delivery of permanent recruitment activity within the agricultural industry.

    Success can only be achieved through matching high calibre people to employers that invest in and value their people. We work in a highly focussed assignment led approach, as opposed to the scattergun approach of CV distribution.