• Psychometry

    We offer a personality and skill based test to ensure the accuracy of candidate evaluation.

    These tests can also be used to evaluate existing Staff / People / Teams to ascertain development needs for the future.

  • Consultancy

    Utilise our skills for a range of situations ranging from salary surveys to internal candidate analysis.

    If you require an unbiased and informed approach to personnel issues our experience brings a fresh insight.

  • Combined

    Combined Search & Selection is the most successful service we offer.

    Consider the benefits of a targeted search aimed at either specific individuals or industry sectors, add in the broader response from a well placed advert and you have the perfect solution.

  • Advertising

    A well written advert placed in the right media at the right time increases the quality and quantity of the response.

    Add to this the professional imagery of a respected consultancy and you have a greater chance of success.

  • Selection

    Selection is the term used when media exposure is utilised to generate a response.

    This approach is appropriate when there is a large pool of potential candidates. We are able to bring significant knowledge to bear on choice of appropriate media and, as important, what type of approach will generate the required response.

  • Research

    An accurate and efficient research function enables quality individuals within a specified sector to be identified for a client's particular need thus greatly increasing the value of the search method.