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A true point of difference



One national agrochemical distributor stands out from the crowd of “me too” operators and this positions them strongly within a changing and challenging environment. Their focus is most definitely from a technical perspective and their delivery and customer service is at an industry leading level. The big differentiator is that as a privately owned and emerging force they are able to focus on delivering growth without the need to change established and often inefficient structures. Impressive growth has been achieved without acquisition but through established agronomists recognising the benefits of joining them.


A cohesive team working together


Owned by a fifth generation farmer, they deliver across 95% of England from five depots on a next day service level, even the van drivers receive technical briefings so that they understand the full importance of their service to the customer. The agronomy, technical and procurement team work closely to ensure that they are delivering customers the right solutions based on geographical differences. There are no rafts of managers but a team of passionate and driven people working to be successful.


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